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Each spring, HKN members call prospective students who have been accepted into the ECE program at Michigan Tech. This conversation aims to determine if Michigan Tech is one of their top considerations and to provide answers to any questions they may have about the ECE program or about Michigan Tech in general. All other departments at Michigan Tech source these calls to the Admissions Department to fulfill.


Each semester, HKN members volunteer office hours to help answer ECE students’ questions about basic undergraduate registration issues. This assistance significantly reduces the walk-in workload of the ECE department’s academic advisor, clearing her schedule for more complicated and pressing issues.


Each semester, HKN members present to 1st and 2nd year core classes on the career opportunities available within the ECE field. These presentations describe actual positions for real employers. This activity aims to increase retention of ECE undergraduates, to provide focus for their studies, and to enlighten them to the various discipline within ECE. ECE SHOWCASE BREAKFAST HKN is collaborating with the ECE department and Career Services to showcase the ECE department and its student groups at the Spring Career Fair. This is in response to the high demand for electrical and computer engineering internships, co-ops, and full-time positions. The ECE Showcase includes continental breakfast for employer representatives and will take place 9am-10am on February 19, 2013 in the Career Fair Hospitality Suite.


Whether you are hosting an information session on campus, want a bus of students to visit your plant, or want to get in contact with the top electrical and computer engineering students, Eta Kappa Nu is ready, willing, and experienced to assist. We helped organize the EEE/ECP Showcase Breakfast for the Spring Career Fair, have gathered students for a plant trip to Systems Control in collaboration with the Michigan Tech IEEE PES Chapter, and have members in leadership of many enterprises and engineering student organizations.


In the past, Eta Kappa Nu has provided technical presentations to fulfill various needs of the ECE student body. For non-traditional students, we have hosted presentations on computer skills from word processing to MATLAB. This year, we hope to do the same and also to invite undergraduate and graduate students at Michigan Tech to present on their research work or current topics in the ECE field.


The ECE Department has created a Women’s Lab to create a more inviting and supportive environment for women in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This lab includes a networked computer, a soldering station, and high quality testing equipment including an oscilloscope, multimeters, and power supplies. HKN has taken responsibility for the continued support and development of this lab. Current needs of this lab include a printer, presentation equipment including a television screen, furniture, and a visualization center.


In the past, members of HKN have attended conferences related to their research or interests. We financially supported these students travel and registration on a competitive basis. With increased funding, HKN plans to increase the number of awards this year and to expand eligibility to all ECE students.


Each year, HKN polls the ECE student body to select the winner of the Professor of the Year award within the ECE Department. This fun event at the end of the Spring semester allows ECE students the opportunity to thank and encourage outstanding ECE faculty. Sponsoring the award provides excellent exposure to ECE students through multiple emails and the award ceremony.


This upcoming summer, HKN plans to support pre-college outreach programs related to Electrical and Computer Engineering, particularly for women. Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs include an exploration of Electrical and Computer Engineering which HKN plans to support financially as well as with student support. This initiative is relatively new this year and is still in the planning phase. More details will be available soon.